We approach learning different

There’s a theory that some of the world’s best innovations are the result of different industries that cross-over. We are proud students of the Dutch school, engaged and driven. We have a background in entertainment and are always on the lookout for new ways to create content and give viewers an experience that makes them smarter.

Our mission

To empower organisations with the innovative framework and content to grow their audience through impactful learning experiences.

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Founded by makers, for makers

We believe in the power of creation. Hence our name ‘Maeckers’, translated ‘creators’ in old Dutch. It’s all about the makers. We’re a team of filmmakers, didactics, storytellers, strategists and creatives. Our founders are Kees van Velzen and Robbert Wilts. We like to think we’re the good ones. And so are our clients. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Getting results is never an issue

We believe not only in growing students, but also in growing creative people. Therefor we own and invest in the biggest community of Dutch film- & video creators, with over 10.000 talents. This helps us to be able to deliver every and any type of content and get sustainable results fast.

Looking to grow?

Our company is only as good as the people on the team. Think you’d like to work with us? See available jobs.

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