Win people’s hearts during onboarding

New talent is scarce, recruitment is expensive and you’re looking for staff with a long-term commitment. Onboarding does not only resolve around about what to learn during the onboarding process, but about how you learn. It’s all about people. As great onboarding leads to loyalty and longevity with new people, we aim to win the heart over and make new talent feel ‘at home’ with your organisation.

The cost of playing average

Seldom have people been so much ‘in demand’ as today. Not understanding the dynamics of recruitment is an expensive matter. 25% of new hires leave within the first year and most of them leave within the first month. The cost of losing someone comes at a serious price. Weighing different factors it is estimated that either losing a good employee or hiring the wrong person costs the organisation at least the equivalent of a half-year salary.

Understanding ‘drive’ and ‘fit’

Starting a new job has a lot of similarities with other new adventures; it’s fun and sometimes a little scary as well. New staff often arrives with a passion to perform on their new job (drive). The sooner talent is able to perform, the sooner they’re able to land in their new environment and feel like they belong (fit). Our process helps you to go through the onboarding process and makes sure that employees’ emotional needs are met at every stage of the journey.

Improve your onboarding, start today

Maeckers innovative framework and content for Onboarding helps you to grow new employees fast and sustainable. Our simple Onboarding Made Easy content helps you to start your onboarding process starting today. Want a more custom approach? Impactful Onboarding is our custom approach to Onboarding, entirely branded and shot in your corporate identity.

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